bold ripples of connection with Anne Marie Quinn

Sharing a lovely bold ripple from Anne Marie Quinn who let the bold Community know she was looking to relocate and low and behold those little bold ripples of connection worked their magic as Dawn-Claire Irvine, bold Project Manager, explains below.

‘I first met Anne Marie Quinn around 5 years ago when we both presented at an Engage Scotland Dementia Inclusive Galleries training event. I was inspired by her work with An Tallas Solais Dolphin Arts. Anne Marie’s facilitated session of Timeslips where the concentration on exploring imagination instead of memory really resonated with my own work within Capital Theatres Dementia friendly Community at that time.

Since then our paths have crossed many times and I’ve continued to be encouraged by her authentic, unhurried and creative approach to her work with people living with dementia  and the way she gently supports people to realise their artistic capacities and worth within their own community.

I have witnessed Anne Marie during advisory group sessions supporting people living with dementia in a supportive, nurturing and non patronising way to ensure that their lived experiences and voices are considered first and foremost and it is clear to see and feel the warmth, respect and appreciation offered to her from those she supports.

Not long before our bold Celebrations event, Anne Marie shared that she wished to move down to the Scottish borders to be nearer to her family and would be looking for creative facilitation work.

When I saw an Alzheimer’s Scotland Community Activities Coordinator post based in Dumfries with the following criteria, it was a no brainer, I just had to let Anne Marie know!

  • Do you have a positive approach to dementia?
  • Are you flexible, inclusive, creative?
  • Are you sensitive and compassionate with the ability to support people in times of difficulty?
  • Can you develop a range of services so people can maintain their relationships and social connection?

And guess what…she applied and was successful in gaining her new post as Alzheimer’s Scotland Dementia Activities Organiser, Dumfries. Well done Anne Marie, we are so proud of you and know that they have a fine bold partner and leader in dementia guiding the way in Dumfries!’

And a wee message from Anne Marie herself:

‘Thank you so much for everything you have written, it’s so generous and warm. It feels like a big hug of reassurance too – I can do this! I have had many, many Ullapool hugs in recent weeks! The Dolphins have been so very difficult to leave but I know I’m doing the right thing for me.
I just enjoyed your bold ripples email. Your work always fills me with joy and it reminded me to let you know that I’m now settling into my new role with Alzhiemer Scotland and feeling my way into new opportunities there. You had created a ripple for me so do feel free to add it to your next ripple email! Thank you again. Ripples and connections – they really are the way.’
To keep connected with Anne Marie get in touch here: