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We Need All Sorts of Leaders

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Bold Leaders

We Need All Sorts of Leaders

bold leaders are people who are already making a difference in ‘the dementia world’ and who would welcome the opportunity to develop further as leaders.

bold hopes to bring together people of all ages and from all walks of life, with different skills, personalities and life experiences – including persons living with dementia.

You don’t have to be in a position of authority to be a leader.

bold are looking for people who are making a difference in lots of different ways. This includes in their local neighbourhoods, families, social groups, communities, organisations and in the world around them.

bold is encouraging a more social and responsible type of leadership: Social Leadership.

While we are keen to attract diverse types of leader, there are six things that all social leaders will do.

01 Be curious

Leaders who are willing to question, to challenge when necessary and to be challenged.

02 Try, Learn, Try

Leaders who are willing to experiment, to give things a go, make mistakes, to stretch and to support others as they stretch too.

03 Share

Leaders with a desire to share – to share when you try, succeed, fail and as you learn.

04 Be Humble

Leaders who are willing to accept that you don’t have all the answers, to truly listen and to act with humility.

05 Tell Stories

Leaders who are able to craft experiences into stories that resonate with others – short stories, stories told in the moment, longer, more reflective stories and stories written with others.

06 Be Fair and Protect

Leaders who are willing to fight and do what’s right, not what a system or set of rules tells you to – who are prepared to rock the boat if necessary.

Ways to be part of bold

When we launched the Bold leadership programme in 2019 our plan was that bold leaders would come together in different physical locations across Scotland.

We successfully launched two programmes in Inverness and East Lothian in 2019. However since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not been possible to continue to meet  physically. In 2020, however, we were excited to launch our new creative and interactive Online Social Leadership programme. The online programme supports a virtual community of bold leaders across Scotland which we hope will grow and flourish through the duration of the bold programme and well into the future.

You can find details of our online programme by watching a short film about the new programme on our website, and if you live in Scotland and wish to register your interest in taking part or would like any further information about the project you can click the link that is shown on our bold news page.

You can also be part of the bold community by:

  • Sharing your ideas for action
  • Letting us know what you are already doing
  • Contributing to our blog
  • Sharing your photos and stories of how you are creating bold ripple in your community in our bold still gallery
  • Spreading the word about bold

As the project grows, we will also be sharing what we learn through this website, social media, other networks and our annual exhibitions. We will be offering ideas for action so that everyone feels empowered to do something positive.

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