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Our Response to Covid-19

We are unable to continue with our leadership development programmes until public health advice changes. We hope that the image below illustrates our continued commitment to flourishing in these challenging times.

The cluster of trees on the right bring together our ongoing concurrent project work activities. The two trees in the centre of this cluster represent the two leadership programmes that we have already commenced, which have been shaken and blown in a different direction by the pandemic. They are leaning in the direction of a different space than anticipated, a virtual space, but remain firmly rooted in the physical ground they were planted in. To the right, in this virtual space, a tree of a different variety is growing. This represents the online leadership programme that we are currently cultivating. The tree to the left represents the different type of conversation that is sprouting in the space opened up by the virus, the space of future societal possibilities.

The cluster of fruit trees in the distance, at the top left of the image, represents the in-person leadership programmes that we hope to return to developing and growing in the fullness of time.

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