Everyone Should Be Able to Flourish Throughout Their Lives


bold is an innovative programme providing free leadership opportunities across Scotland to help those living with dementia flourish. The project focuses on using creative arts methods, for personal development, whenever possible.

We want to ensure that our communities can all make a positive contribution to support people living with dementia.

The five-year project is being delivered in partnership by Edinburgh University and Queen Margaret University and is funded by the Life Changes Trust.

Our Vision

There are lots of misconceptions about people living with dementia and we’d like to change that.

We imagine a Scotland where having dementia doesn’t matter for who we are as people or how we live our lives. A lot of people feel the same and are already, in many different ways, taking a lead and doing amazing things in their communities. about it.

bold is bringing diverse types of leader together on an equal footing, providing free leadership development opportunities and working to make a difference.

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