A bold Celebration in Pictures!

On Monday the 4th of March we boldly Celebrated together. I will write a more detailed blog later but to share the joy of the day quickly for those who couldn’t make it I thought I would give you a wee snap shot in pictures…

A bold Welcome from Lorna Hill and the rest of the bold team to collect your bold bag of goodies.

After a wee refreshment and hanging of coat make your way down to the Netherbow Theatre for a ‘A bold start with Professor Brendan’ and a panel hosted by Magdalena Schamberger featuring bold partners Agnes Houston, Anne McDonald, Anne-Marie Quinn & Fenella Kerr.

Now the real fun begins with the choice of going up to the George MacKay library for bold Conversations with…

Jennifer McKay who brought tears to our eyes with her bold Story that has come full circle from caring for her Mum on her dementia journey to rediscovering her creativity and boldly rippling into a new position with the Musselburgh Meeting Centre. Thank you for sharing Jennifer.

Lois Wolffe and her bold story about her Mum’s old fisherman’s smock which she embroidered with her Mum’s ‘memberings’ as part of the 100 days project where she connected with Fenella Kerr and rippled on to bold. Lois began by saying “she wasn’t a creative person” to finally admitting she is Lois and she is a creative person, how very bold.

Anne Irvine who shared her tale of caring for her Mum on her dementia journey and rediscovering herself with the help of bold. Anne has already been in touch with her dementia activism from the day “I had a lovely chat with Aiden Reid from the Scottish Government, he’s a lovely man, and working with carers and PLWD is great… I was pleased he took a copy of my job description of a carer away with him…”

Annette Berndt sharing her bold story and her fabulous collage of bark with the words “Two trees, tattered and torn with stories to tell of growth, of resilience and of bold determination to stand in the storm”. What a fabulous way to represent your bold story – thank you!

Suzie Beresford who shared her bold story and this diary excerpt which captures it beautifully “…it gave me a safe- place to share my story to create and grow as a person. I felt a sense of community and felt inspired by those around me…I also feel it has enabled me to discover myself and build-up self-worth, in fact it’s given me confidence to be ‘bolder’. ” (Reflective diary excerpt 04/08/2023 8am).

Or you could spend some time in the Storytelling Court being creatively bold collectively weaving your bold story as part of our ‘bold Threads of Connection’ Activity with Barbara Gardner- Rowell.

Weaving & Words

Creatively connected weaving

boldly threading connections

Or you could also creatively map yourself on the bold Dementia Map of Scotland with the help of Willy Gilder.

There was so much creativity taking place with participants stitching their boldness, attaching bells for music, there were hearts, feathers, musical notes, tartan, sparkles the list goes on…

STAND from Fife were there in their purple splendour ensuring the Kingdom was creatively represented on the bold Dementia Map of Scotland.

Then there was a bold cake ‘Celebrating 5 years of being bold’ (in fact there were 2 cakes). And we thanked Lorna Hill and Magdalena Schamberger for their amazing work over those 5 years.

And finally Barbara showed us how our collective ‘bold Threads of Connection’ weaving is taking shape with many more woven bold stories to add, we can’t wait to see the finished tapestry so please send them in when they are completed.

And we displayed our ‘bold Dementia Map of Scotland’. From Dunbar to Shetland, our bold partners made their mark.

Thank you to everyone who came and boldly Celebrated with us and here’s to much more boldness in the future whatever form that takes.

Here are a few wee quotes about the day!

‘What a fabulous day it was, well done everyone.’
‘It was a jam packed day of events… I really enjoyed what I
‘Your project has literally changed people’s lives.’